Books Reviewed in this Issue

Volume 37 No. 5 November 2022




A is for Bee p.32

Acton, Sara ill. P.34 and p.40

Africana: An Encyclopedia of an Amazing Continent p.26

Aho-White, Isobel Te ill. NZp.5

Alabi, Mayowa ill. p.26

All the Words I Need to Know: A First Dictionary p.34

Annual 3: A Miscellany from Aotearoa NZ NZp.6

Applegate, Katherine p.42

Avery, Sean E. p.32

Ayoade, Richard p.40

Bailey, Martin ill. NZp.4

Barraud, Ned NZp.7

Bayly, Sam p.30

Be Careful, Xiao Xin! p.32

Ben-Barak, Idan p.34

Berani p.38

Bertelle, Nicoletta ill. p.32

Big Book of Exhibits, The p.30

Bixley, Donovan NZp.5 and NZp.6

Blackall, Sophie p.32

Book That No One Wanted to Read, The p.40

Brink, The p.45

Brocker, Susan NZp.4

Bullock, Marita and Joan-Maree Hargreaves p.30

Bunting, Philip ill. p.34

Carrod, Sandra NZp.8

Cats of Paia Street, The NZp.4

Chakanetsa, Kim p.26

Chaos Before Christmas, The NZp.4

Cockcroft, Jason p.44

Collins, Paul p.33

Colourful World of Poppy Starr Olsen, The p.38

Cooper, Jenny ill. NZp.7

Dickson, Sarina NZp.4

Dirt by Sea p.36

Dr Bry the Fly Guy p.26

Edge of Limits, The p.44

Edwards, Hazel and Ozge Alkan p.40

Emma: Emma Twigg’s Incredible Journey to Olympic Gold NZp.7

Emo, Lily ill. NZp.4

Every Word Tells a Story p.28

Evie and Rhino p.36

Eyes on Flies p.26

Farmhouse p.32

Florian, Annemarie NZp.7

Flying Furballs Take-Off! NZp.5

Frank’s Red Hat p.32

Freeman, Tor ill. p.40

Geddes, Serena ill. p.40

Gervay, S.J. p.44

Godwin, Jane p.34

Graham, Bob p.34

Green, Paula (Editor) NZp.7

Growing up Wiradjuri p.28

Hamilton, Max p.26

Hargrave, Kiran Millwood p.42

Harrold, A.F. p.40

Hawkins, Finbar p.44

Heck, Ellen p.32

Heiduczek, Martina ill. p.37

Heiss, Anita (Editor) p.28

Hicks, Astred ill. p.36

Hijabi Girl: What It Takes p.40

Holt, Sharon NZp.3

Holt, Sophie (Photographs by) NZp.3

Honour Among Ghosts p.37

How We Came to Be: Surprising Sea Creatures p.30

Hughes, Alistair ill. NZp.7

I Am Autistic: An Interactive and Informative Guide to Autism (by someone diagnosed with it) NZp.8

I’ll Take Care of You p.32

Illingworth, Sarah ill. NZp.4

Indigo Moon NZp.6

Jack’s Jumper p.34

Jammer, The p.38

Jellett, Tom ill. p.36

Jigsaw: A Puzzle in the Post p.34

Johnston, Nicky ill. p.26

Jorn’s Magnificent Imagination p.26

Joyner, Andrew ill. p.34

Kadarusman, Michelle p.38

Killing Code, The p.44

La’Brooy, Melanie p.40

Lawry, Jessica NZp.7

Lei Loves / Petelo Peeks NZp.3

Leila and the Blue Fox p.42

Lester, Alison p.33

Loretta, Maria p.32

MacDibble, Bren and Zana Fraillon p.36

Malaeulu, Dahlia NZp.3

Marney, Ellie p.44

Mata Lulu NZp.5

McGrath, Raymond ill. NZp.4

McManus, Karen M. p.45

McMullin, Neridah p.36

Merriman, Eileen NZp.6

Monarch Butterfly: New Migrant, The NZp.7

Monkey and the Moonbeam, The NZp.5

Moriah, Chanelle NZp.8

Morris, Ian ill. p.28

Mr Mac NZp.5

Muddy Chef, The p.30

Nannestad, Katrina p.37

New Dawn, A NZp.8

Ng, Sher Rill ill. p.32

Nga Ngeru NZp.4

Nothing More to Tell p.45

Ober, Jules ill. p.33

Olsen, Poppy Star and Jess Black p.38

Paris, Susan and Kate De Goldi (Edited by) NZp.6

Paterson, Malcolm NZp.4

Pelorus Jack, the Dolphin Guide NZp.4

Phommavanh, Oliver p.42

Pinfold, Levi ill. p.40

Pipi and Pou and the Raging Mountain NZp.5

Pung, Alice p.32

Ralphs, Matt p.28

Raven’s Song, The p.36

Ricardo, Rui ill. p.28

Rippin, Sally p.30

River in Our Backyard NZp.4

Roar, Squeak Purr: A New Zealand Treasury of Animal Poems NZp.7

Rose, Lystra p.44

Rowland, Liz ill. p.30

Running with Horses p.44

Runt p.40

Saxby, Claire p.26

Schneider, Karsten ill. NZp.8

Sheppard, Holden p.45

Silvey, Craig p.40

Sione, Emeli NZp.8

Skalietska, Yeva p.38

Smith, Jonathan NZp.5

Solia, Darcy ill. NZp.3

Squawk! Donovan Bixley’s Forest Birds of Aotearoa NZp.6

Stirling, Amira NZp.4

Stone p.44

Super Weirdos and the Royal Rumble, The NZp.5

Taihoa, e hoa! NZp.3

Takeuchi, Chihiro p.36

Tarni’s Chance p.33

Tasmanian Devil p.26

Te Awa e Patata Rawa Ana NZp.4

Tiny Light, A p.33

Tipene, Tim NZp.5

Transported: 50 Vehicles That Changed the World p.28

Upwelling, The p.44

Vass, Coral p.26

Very Hard Book, The p.34

Wagner, Michael p.36

Waiting for the Storks p.37

Weather and Climate Change, New Zealand NZp.8

Weetman, Nova p.38

What About Thao? p.42

Where is it in Town? A Wildlife Hunt for Kiwi Kids NZp.7

Whitehouse, Penny and Emma Bear p.30

Whose Dinosaur Bones? p.36

Wild Things: How We Learn to Read and What Can Happen If We Don’t p.30

Williams, Sean p.37

Wilson, Tom Read p.28

Wintrish Girl, The p.40

Wishtree p.42

Worlds We Leave Behind, The p.40

You Don’t Know What War Is p.38

Young, Bella ill. NZp.5

Young, Lani NZp.5