Books Reviewed in this Issue


Volume 38 No. 5 November 2023

169 Storey Treehouse, The p.41

A to Z of Who I Could Be, The p.24

Abrams, Hannah NZp.5

Aho-White, Isobel Joy Te ill. NZp.5

Ainslie, Tamsin ill. p.30

Akhurst, Graham p.45

Alias Anna: Zhanna Arshanskaya p.42

All in a Year p.30

Allen, Lisa ill. NZp.4

Always Never Always p.34

An Occasionally Happy Family p.38

Ancestory p.28

Archives of Despair p.37

At the Drop of a Cat p.33

Australian Backyard Birds p.24

Avery, Sean E. p.32

Baldwin, Peter ill. p.32

Balen, Katya p.38

Barraud, Ned NZp.7

Bayly, Sami p.26

Beale, Fleur NZp.6

Beer, Sophie ill. p.24

Being a Cat: A Tail of Curiosity p.34

Bell, Davina p.33

Bentley, Johnathan ill. p.34

Bevis, Isobel p.34

Biddulph, Rob p.31

Bixley, Donovan NZp.3

Blackall, Sophie p.32

Bland, Nick p.28

Borderland p.45

Brown, Kirsty Nita p.36

Bui, Thi ill. p.30

Bunny and Bird: How to Hatch a Dragon p.28

Burke, Cliff p.38

Burton, Ruthine p.38

Butler, NZp.6

Carless, Victoria p.44

Catch a Falling Star NZp.6

Chen, Chih-an p.38

Christopher, Justin NZp.3

Clarkson, Giselle NZp.7

Collins, Paul p.44

Concrete Garden, The p.28

Cook, Lan p.26

Country Town p.34

Courage to Dream: Tales of Hope in the Holocaust p.42

Crow Baby p.34

Crowe, Andrew NZp.8

Cushley, Aaron ill. p.28

Dalton, Chloe p.24

Daring Tale of Gloria the Great, The p.31

Dawson, Greg p.42

Dawson, Joni ill. NZp.5

Deep p.32

Denton, Terry ill. p.41

Doak, Amy p.44

Donaldson, Julia p.30

Eleanor Jones is NOT a Murderer p.44

Finding Papa p.30

Finn, Caleb p.37

First Summer of Callie McGee, The p.42

Fisher, Rick ill. NZp.8

Fontenaille, Elise p.33

Four Eyes p.43

Fourmile, Trevor p.32

Foxlight p.38

French, Jackie p.42

Fun Maths 4 Kids NZp.7

Gianferrai, Maria p.34

Gigantic p.31

Godwin, Jane p.36

Good Sports. A Story of Kiwi Sports Heroes NZp.8

Grace, Kerehi NZp.5

Graham, Bob p.28

Grandbad p.32

Griffiths, Andy p.41

Gunn, Andrew NZp.5

Gunn, Jason NZp.5

Gurril Storm Bird p.32

Hallma, Anton ill. p.26

Han, Sally Soweal p.30

Hargrave, Kiran Millwood p.37

Harvey-Smith, Lisa p.24

Harvey, Jacqueline p.31

Harvey, Rosalind (translated by) p.33

Here Upon the Tide NZp.6

Hermon, Maz, Otto and Angela ill. NZp.7

Hermon, NZp.7

Herrick, Steven p.46

Hogan, Louise ill. p.34

Hogtun, Stephen p.32

Hood, Susan p.42

Hope, Jake (edited by) p.38

How We Came to Be: Creatures of Camouflage and Mimicry p.26

If I Was a Horse p.32

If Our World Were 100 Days p.28

Impossible Creatures p.40

In My Garden p.30

In the Shadow of the Wolf Queen p.37

In Times of Bushfires and Billy Buttons p.46

Jackson, Adele ill. NZp.4

Jason Mason and the Flightless Bird Fiasco NZp.5

Jingalu ill. p.32

Johnson, Mariana Ruiz p.33

Joseph, Darren (Te Reo Maori) NZp.3

Kahukiwa, Reina NZp.8

Kahukiwa, Robyn ill. NZp.8

Kane, Glenda NZp.4

Keeble, Michaela NZp.5

Keegan, Linda Jane NZp.5

Kenyon, Georgina p.26

Kereru NZp.4

Koslowski, Sam p.24

Krans, Angela Pham p.30

Lani and the Universe p.44

Lee, Suzy p.32

Leonardo Forever p.40

Let’s Never Speak of This Again p.44

Life Song, A p.36

Lipshaw, Stuart NZp.8

Lonely Lighthouse of Elston-Fright, The p.41
Fortune Maker, The p.41

Lopiz, Violeta ill. p.33

Lucy and the Dark NZp.4

Mango: Sharks and Rays of Aotearoa NZp.7

Manta Ray Dreams NZp.3

Martinez, Andres Vera ill. p.42

Martyn, Isolde p.34

Mavey and Beth’s Double Act: Where’s My Whistle? p.36

Mayes, Kate p.30

McCann, Jackie p.28

McKinlay, Meg p.34

McMillan, Blair NZp.6

McMullen, Sean p.44

McMullin, Neridah p.36

Meet Mim NZp.4

Merriman, Eileen NZp.6

Metzenthen, David p.34

Milroy, Helen p.34

Mixter, Helen (translated by) p.32

Mollard, Myke p.24

Morrison, Stacey NZp.7

Most Delicious Soup and Other Stories, The p.33

Mr Clownfish, Miss Anemone and the Hermit Crab p.32

Murray, Martine p.36

Mutton, Alison p.36

My Aunt Honor NZp.4

My First Words About Tikanga Maori NZp.7

Nabisubi, Habiba p.38

Nanas with No Manners NZp.3

Nannestad, Katrina p.40

Nanny Jo and the Wild Mokopuna NZp.5

Nedingar p.34

Newshound, The: The Dog Squad Book 1 p.40

Night Tribe NZp.6

Nightsong p.30

Nix, Garth p.46

No Sill Questions p.24

Norton, Catherine p.41

Not Here to Make You Comfortable p.26

Oak Tree, The p.30

Observologist, The NZp.7

Ogle, Rex p.43

Once Upon a Wickedness NZp.6

Oswald, Pete ill. p.34

Our Rights! Stories and Poems About Children’s Rights p.38

Paku Manu Ariki Whakatakapokai NZp.5

Prentice, Andy p.26

Rajeh, Nadine NZp.3

Read, Anna ill. p.36

Rice, Angourie p.45

Rice, Kate p.45

Ridgeway, Robyn p.34

Rudge, Leila ill. p.34

Rundell, Katherine p.40

Salt River Road p.46

Salyer, Hannah p.28

Sandy, Victoria ill. p.30

Saving the Flying Fox: A Precious Forest Pollinator p.26

Schmidt, Molly p.46

Scott, Kate Isobel ill. p.31

Secret Sparrow p.42

Seidler, Zara p.24

Severgnini, Sandra NZp.4

Shade Tree, The p.32

Shearer p.36

Shusterman, Neal p.42

Silver Linings p.40

Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz p.46

Spratt, R.A. p.37

Stapleton, Minky ill. NZp.3

Stranded NZp.5

Stuck Up & Stupid p.45

Szymanik, Melinda NZp.4

Tait, A.L. p.42

Takeuchi, Chihiro p.30

Tangey, Penny p.32

Tapper, Hilary Jean ill. p.33

Taranga NZp.8

Tawa Tawa 1st XV NZp.5

Te Ra Kura Aotearoa / The Great Kiwi School Day NZp.3

This Camp is Doomed p.43

This Spells Trouble p.44

Those Magnificent Voyagers of the Pacific NZp.8

Tolland, Margaret ill. NZp.5

Tomkins, Michael ill. p.36

Torckler, Gillian NZp.4

Uivel, Lily ill. NZp.6

Ultimate Collection of Brilliant Bedtime Stories, The p.37

Universal Guide to the Night Sky p.24

Unka, Vasanti ill. NZp.4

Usborne Ecology for Beginners p.26

Valeza, Dave ill. p.43

Vulliamy, Clara p.40

Wairama, Moira NZp.5

Walker, Anna ill. p.36

Walker, David (ed) p.26

What to Do When You’re Not Sure What to Do p.33

Where Will the Sleepy Sheep Sleep? p.34

Williams, Megan p.44

World p.36

Yaxley, Richard p.40

Zilm, Leanne ill. p.34

Zobel, Anna p.43