Books Reviewed in this Issue

Volume 36 No. 5 November 2021




Age Between, The p.24

Albert Namatjira p.30

Aliens and Other Worlds p.26

Amoore, Nat p.36

An Unexpected Hero: Pow Pow Pig One p.40

Anderson, Natalie C. p.43

Andrews, Kimberley NZp.4

Anthony, Sarah ill. p.30

Are You There Buddha? p.42

Australian Backyard Birdies p.28

Australian Climate Change Book, The p.26

Awesome Australian Animals p.26

Bailey Finch Takes a Stand p.39

Barraud, Ned ill. NZp.4

Base, Graeme p.35

Battersby, Katherine p.32

Bickell, Elaine NZp.3

Big Woolly Mammoth NZp.4

Biggest Footprints, The p.26

Birdsong: A 1 to 10 Counting Book NZp.3

Blaber, Donna NZp.5

Bland, Nick p.35

Bookshop Cat, The p.32

Booth, Barbara p.30

Bounty of Bootless Ben, The

Bower, Susie p.32

Boy, His Bear and a Bully, A p.28

Brown, Ben NZp.8

Buckingham, Gay NZp.5

Burton, Jessie p.45

Callinan, Damien p.38

Chambers, Aidan p.24

Cheong, Peter ill. p.40

Chisholm, Lael ill. NZp.3

Clancy of the Overflow p.34

Coastwatcher NZp.6

Cooper, Catherine NZp.4

Copsey, Sue NZp.4

Cranky Chicken p.32

Curse of the Vampire Robot, The p.35

Dark Rise: Book One p.43

Davis, Scott NZp.8

Defy the Night p.46

Devils in Danger p.40

Do, Anh p.40

Dragon Skin p.38

Dreilling, Katrin p.32

Drover p.30

Dubosarsky, Ursula p.36

Essential Fairy, The NZp.4

Evans, Gabriel p.30

Eyley, Claudia Pond ill. NZp.3

Fadugba, Femi p.44

Finkler, Dr Wiebke NZp.8

First Dog on the Moon ill. p.26

Flannigan, Katie p.28

Foley, James p.35

Fong, Stephanie Huriana NZp.3

Forevers, The p.43

Foster, Ali NZp.4

Foxlee, Karen p.38

Frizzell, Dick NZp.8

Gambatesa, Francesca ill. p.32

Geppert, Andy p.28

Ghosh, Rohojoy ill. p.34

God for You, Helen Drew! NZp.4

Graham, Bob p.34

Grandpa Versus Swing NZp.3

Great White Shark p.34

Greder, Armin p.31

Grimwood, Tracie ill. p.26

Gudsell, Geoff NZp.4

Hager, Mandy NZp.7

Ham Helsing: Vampire Hunter p.40

Hana Khan Carries On p.42

Harry, Pip p.42

Harvey-Smith, Lisa p.26

Hawkins, Kelli Anne p.39

Haydon, Rachel NZp.3

Hayek, H. p.38

Hello World p.31

Higgins, Richard and Matt Kelly p.36

Hill, David NZp.6

Hobbs, Leigh p.35

Horrible Harriet and the Terrible Tantrum p.35

How Did I Get Here? NZp.8

How Do I Feel? NZp.6

Huda and Me p.38

Humfrey, Chris p.26

Hunt, Des NZp.7

Hunt, Tim ill. NZp.4

Hutchins, Elizabeth p.44

Ide, Timothy ill. p.38

If Not Us? p.42

Inheritance, The p.31

Inside Bubble Earth NZp.7

Internet, The p.28

Jalaluddin, Uzma p.42

Joyner, Andrew ill. p.36

Just Remember NZp.5

Kaewa the Koroa NZp.3

Kakapo Keeper NZp.5

Keel, Pippa ill. NZp.3

Kemmerer, Brigid p.46

Kenna, Anna NZp.4

Kerr, Kay p.45

King, Dr Melissa p.22

King, Stephen Michael ill. p.35

Kunyi p.30

La’u Penina Tautele NZp.7

Laguna, Ingrid p.39

Laguna, Sophie p.40

Lane, Cindy ill. p.34

Lanternist, The p.38

Lawrence, Hayley p.44

Lawson, Josh p.28

Lazano, Andres ill. p.22

Lester, Alison p.34

Let’s Go Swimming on Doomsday p.43

Levithan, David and Jennifer Niven p.45

Lion Who Came to Stay, The p.34

Lipp, Rebekah NZp.6

Listies Tele-Porta-Loo, The p.36

Listified! p.22

Little Book BIG Universe p.26

Lomench, Olivia ill. p.45

Lord, Samantha NZp.8

Mackinlay, Victoria p.34

Magnificent Hercules Quick, The p.36

Malaeulu, Dahlia NZp.6

Malibirr, Johnny Warrkatja ill. p.34

Marsden, Polly p.26

Mathewson, Hannah p.45

Maxine p.34

McBride, Marc ill. p.40

McInerny, Kunyi June Anne p.30

McKean, Megan p.26

McLean, Andrew ill. p.34

McMullin, Neridah p.30

Medeiros, Chella ill. p.22

Medusa: The Girl Behind the Myth p.45

Moose the Pilot NZp.4

Morgan, Sally p.34

Moyer, Rich p.40

My Name is Paloma p.30

Namatjira, Vincent p.30

Nannestad, Katrina p.38

Neville-Lee, Penny ill. p.39

Nicol, Lisa p.39

Nixon, Chris ill. p.26

Noni the Pony Counts to a Million p.34

Norton and the Borrowing Bear p.30

Nwasu, Poppy p.44

O’Rourke, Maris NZp.3

Old T-Rex NZp.4

Orr, Stephen p.38

Orsini, Cheryl ill. p.38

Own Your Period p.22

Pacat, C.S. p.43

Page, Alexandra p.39

Parton, Daron ill. NZp.3

Paterson, Banjo p.34

Perfect Pig, A p.32

Pettie, Andrew p.22

Phillips, Craig ill. NZp.6

Poison for Breakfast p.42

Protest! Shaping Aotearoa NZp.7

Quint, Chella p.22

Reece, P.J. ill. p.28

Right Way to Rock, The p.36

Riley, David NZp.7

Rise of the Remarkables, The: The Thaumagician’s Revenge NZp.5

River, The p.34

Road Tripping with Pearl Nash p.44

Robinson, Nikki Slade NZp.4

Rudge, Leila ill. p.31

Saxby, Claire p.34

School for Talking Pets, The p.39

Science of Hope, The NZp.8

Sears, Rob p.26

Sears, Tom p.26

Seasons in the City p.26

Shanahan, Lisa p.31

Shoo! p.32

Sickling, Tania NZp.3

Skin Deep p.44

Smith, Mark p.42

Snicket, Lemony p.42

Social Queue p.45

Song of Lewis Carmichael, The p.40

Starfish the Star NZp.3

Stellarphant p.35

Stynes, Yumi p.22

Sun is a Star, The NZp.8

Super Adventures of Ollie and Bea: It’s Owl Good p.36

Take Me With You When You Go p.45

Teine Samoa NZp.6

Thomas, Adele K. ill. p.38

Toy, Mitchell p.32

Travelling Bookshop, The: Mim and the Baffling Bully p.38

Treml, Renee p.36

Trick Number Two p.35

Troop Train p.44

Upper World, The p.44

Ward, Gareth NZp.5

Weird School p.38

Welcome to Consent p.22

What on Earth Institute of Wonder, The p.39

Wheeler, Samantha p.40

When Bo Bimble Went Elsewhere NZp.4

Whitaker, Chris p.43

Wishyouwas: The Tiny Guardian of Lost Letters p.39

Witherward p.45

Wume, Cindy p.32