Books Reviewed in this Issue


Volume 38 No. 4 September 2023

Abdel-Magied, Yasmin p.24

Agnew, Leonie NZp.6

Agustina, Yani ill. p.28

Aho-White, Isobel Te ill. NZp.5

Ahosivi-Atiola, Sela p.28

Allen, Lisa ill. NZp.4

An A to Z of Dreaming Differently p.30

Baillie, Kaye p.34

Baldovino, Apsara and Jennifer Falkner p.32

Balla, Trace p.33

Balloon Blow Up, The p.31

Bancks, Tristan p.43

Barr, Emily p.42

Barraud, Ned ill. NZp.6

Being Jimmy Baxter p.36

Benella, Nicoletta ill. NZp.4

Bidhi Galing p.32

Bird Book, The p.24

Bishop, Gavin NZp.3

Bjazevich, Wendy p.24

Black Cockatoo with One Feather Blue, The p.32

Blind Spot p.44

Bone, Emily p.24

Booth, Christina ill. p.31

Bowd, Emma p.30

Business Chickens p.28

Cadd, Jandamarra (paintings by) p.28

Calder, Jax NZp.7

Campbell, Samantha ill. p.32

Captain Thunderbolt’s Recital p.28

Chapman, Helen p.40

Cosima Unfortunate Steals a Star p.38

Curse of Salt, A p.42

Dads and Dogs p.31

Day You Were Born, The p.30

Deadly Waters p.40

Dembo, Tracey and Lucia Masciullo p.30

Dennison, Robyn p.44

Dignam, Cherie ill. p.36

Dixon, A.M. NZp.7

Duthie, Liz ill. p.28

Elliott, Mick p.31

Ember p.36

Epic New Zealand Adventures NZp.6

Evans, Maz p.30

Exoplanets p.24

Family Holiday Disasters: Crash Landing p.38

Family Road Trip Games p.26

Feelings Are Wild p.30

Feiner, Beck p.33

Feiner, Robin ill. p.33

Flowers, Tony ill. p.40

Foster, Kate p.38

Fraillon, Zana p.33

Frith, Alex p.24

Furedi, Chelsey NZp.5

Furze, Katie NZp.6

Gaigalova, Ekaterina ill. p.24

Game Over Girl p.44

Gargoyles, The p.33

Geppert, Andy p.31

Germein, Katrina p.32

Ghost Book p.34

Gibson, Naomi p.44

Gill, Maria NZp.6

Gioffre-Suzuki, Luisa ill. p.34

Girl Who Brought Mischief, The p.40

Hamlet is Not OK p.44

Hammond, Kiwi (translated by) NZp.8

Hathorn, Libby p.31

Hatzopoulou, Kika p.42

Heiss, Anita p.32

Henn, Sophy p.26

Henseleit, Jack p.26

Hidden World of Magical Creatures, The p.30

Honey and the Valley of the Horses p.36

Hughes, Alistair NZp.8

Hunter, Tanya p.38

I am Lupe p.28

I am Wriggly p.26

Impossible Story of Hannah Kemp, The NZp.6

Ingpen, Robert ill. p.30

Inkflower p.42

Ivancic, Marco ill. NZp.6

James, Cate ill. p.28

Jawsome (Jawsome Book 1) p.34

Jenkins, Steve p.24

Jolly, Jane p.28

Kahukiwa, Robyn NZp.8

Kamo, Miriama NZp.4

Karmazina, Sofya ill. p.30

Khoo, Sydney p.44

Kinnaird, Ross ill. NZp.6

Klassen, Jon p.38

Krosoczka, Jarrett J. p.45

Lai, Remy p.34

Larsen, Rebecca NZp.5

Lawrence, David p.36

Leaf-light: A Story About Caring for Each Other p.33

Lifesize Deadly Animals p.26

Lim, Rebecca p.40

Listen p.28

Lloyd, Fiona p.36

Lonesborough, Gary p.43

Look! Said the Little Girl NZp.6

Lots of Things to Know About the Weather p.24

Lucky Shack, The p.32

Mahy, Margaret NZp.3

Malaeulu, Dahlia NZp.8

Mariani, Frederica ill. p.24

Martell, Carla ill. NZp.4

Matariki NZp.3

Mather, Rory H. p.30

McGeachin, Jess p.28

McLeod, Jodie p.32

Miles, David ill. p.24

Millie Mak the Maker p.37

Morgan, Ross ill. p.33

Mother Earth: Poems to Celebrate the Wonder of Nature p.31

Murphy, Sally p.34

Muth, Jon J. p.28

My Especially Weird Week with Tess p.40

Mzuto and the Wind p.34

Nandhra, Aleesha ill. p.24

Nannestad, Katrina p.40

Neil, Eleanor NZp.4

New Dawning, The Edge of Light Book 1 NZp.7

New Zealand Night Sky, The NZp.8

Ng, Sher Rill ill. p.37

Nga Atua. Maori Gods NZp.8

Noakes, Laura p.38

Norfolk, Tania NZp.6

O’Carrigan, Simon ill. p.34

O’Keefe, Belinda NZp.6

One Little Duck p.32

Orr, Wendy p.36

Other Brother, The NZp.7

Page, Robin p.24

Pamment, Jason p.36

Peck, Hannah ill. NZp.8

Pipi and Pou, 100 Legs of Terror NZp.5

Pittock, Prue p.26

Project Nought NZp.5

Pung, Alice p.37

Queen Narelle p.34

Quest for the Galleon of Time, The p.38

Randall, Craig and Craig Ford p.26

River to Bay: Victoria’s Maritime History p.26

Roo, Elena de NZp.8

Rosen, Michael p.26

Ruby and the Pen p.36

Samoa NZp.8

Saving Charli p.36

Scar Town p.43

Scott, Gavin ill. p.30

Scout and the Rescue Dogs p.40

Sebastian Stands Out p.30

Shadow World, The p.26

Shoe Trouble NZp.4

Short, Eloise ill. p.32

Skull, The: A Tyrolean Folktale p.38

Smith, Duncan and Nicole Godwin p.28

Snell, Danny ill. p.32

Spider and Her Demons p.44

Spratt, R.A. p.44

Stand Up and Speak Out Against Racism p.24

Stewart, Katie p.32

Stillwater and Koo Save the World p.28

Street, Sarah p.42

Strum a Tune, When You’re Happy, Ke Te Pai NZp.5

Sunshine p.45

Szmidt, Aleksandra ill. NZp.6

Tapper, Hillary Jean p.30

Te Pukapuka Ka Kore e Panuhia / The Book That Wouldn’t Read NZp.4

There’s a King in the Cupboard NZp.3

Third Daughter, The p.45

This Summer’s Secrets p.42

Threads that Bind p.42

Timms, R.J. p.34

Tipene, Tim NZp.4 and NZp.5

To Catch a Cloud NZp.8

Tooley, Adrienne p.45

Tuatara. A Living Treasure NZp.6

Tulip and Sprout, A Growing Friendship NZp.4

Twin Stars of Matariki, Waiti and Waita, The NZp.4

Two Sides to Every Story p.33

Two Sparrowhawks in a Lonley Sky p.40

Unlikely Heroes Club, The p.38

Usborne 100 Things to Know About the Unknown p.24

Waipara, Zak ill. NZp.4

Walker, Di p.36

We Didn’t Think it Through p.43

Wheelbarrow Express, The p.28

When I Can Fly p.32

Whiting, Sue p.28

Wilkinson, Carole p.26

Williams, Sophy p.30

Wolfer, Dianne p.40

Woltz, Anna p.40

Wood, Emma NZp.4

Yang, Minui ill. NZp.3

You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are / Me I Mohio Koe Ki To Waimarietanga NZp.6

Zail, Suzy p.42