Books Reviewed in this Issue

Volume 37 No. 2 May 2022



Agrawal, Roma p.28

Alfie the Brave p.32

All That’s Left in the World p.42

Amazing Adventures of Bub and Tub p.40

Amazing Animals: 100+ Creatures That Will Boggle Your Mind p.28

An Artist’s Eyes p.30

Animal BFFs p.24

Apel, Kathryn p.38

Arthur: The Always King p.39

Barnhill, Kelly p.42

Bevan-Brown, Jill NZp.4

Bevan-Brown, Mahaki (te reo translation) NZp.4

Bixley, Donovan NZp.7

Blimmin’ Koro / Katahi Ra e Koro e

Boccanccini, Sara ill. p.28

Book of Stolen Dreams, The p.38

Boswell, Emily ill. NZp.3

Bowles, Trish ill. NZp.4

Boy with the Flowers in His Hair, The p.34

Bravest Word, The p.36

Brocker, Susan NZp.5

Brown, Erik J. p.42

Built by Animals p.24

Chamberlain, Laura ill. p.34

Corrigan, Sophie p.24

Court, Moira p.30

Craw, Ana ill. NZp.3

Crisp, Maureen NZp.6

Crossley-Holland, Kevin p.39

Curious About George p.26

Davis, Rhett p.43

Daviz, Paul ill. p.28

De Castell, Sebastien p.42

Dear Greta p.39

Dorion, Christiane and Yeji Uin p.24

Draw Some Awesome NZp.7

Emergency! Emergency! Vehicles to the Rescue p.22

Entrada, Erin p.40

Etahi Rotarota O Aotearoa / Kiwi Rhymes for Modern Times NZp.3

Eugene’s Island: The Birthday Solution NZp.4

Fall of the Argosi p.42

Farr, David p.38

Fish Out of Water p.43

Floating Down the River NZp.3

Flowers, Tony ill. p.31

Foot, Mandy ill. p.38

Foster, Kate p.36

Frank and Bert p.34

Gallagher, Aimee p.24

Gifts That Bind Us, The p.42

Gong, Chloe NZp.6

Green Planet, The p.26

Greenwood, Mark p.31

Grow! p.28

Hall, Katherine ill. NZp.4

Hardiman, Andy ill. p.24

Harris, Richard p.32

Hendrick, Kate p.43

History of the World in 25 Cities, A p.24

Horwell, Janet NZp.3

Hovering p.43

How’s That Built?

Howe, Simon ill. p.32

Howling Hag Mystery, The p.38

Hunt, Julie and Terry Whitebeach p.43

Hunter, Eirlys NZp.4

I Am Hungry p.30

Ice: A Secret, a Rescue, a Terrifying Truth NZp.5

Impossible NZp.8

Incredible Journeys: New Zealand Wildlife on the Move NZp.7

Into the Sideways World p.36

Ismail, Rafeif and Ellen van Neerven p.43

It Starts with a Bee p.24

It’s Up to Us: A Children’s Terra Carta for Nature, People and Planet p.26

Jacqueline: A Soldier’s Daughter p.39

James, Holly p.34

Jankuloska, Maggie p.40

Jarvis p.34

Jinks, Catherine p.30

Jones, Sarah Tanat ill. p.22

Jory, John and Pete Oswald p.32

Kaleidoscope of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life: Their Colours and Patterns Explained p.28

Kim, Sung Mi p.31

Kirkby-Macleod, Elizabeth NZp.4

Lai, Remy p.39

Lessac, Frane p.31

Lighthouse Story, A p.34

Lin, Ann Sei p.43

Lion Is That You?

Lloyd, Christoper p.26

Looking After Country with Fire: Aboriginal Burning Knowledge with Uncle Kuu p.31

Mafi, Tahereh p.43

Magerl, Caroline p.31

Malaeulu, Dahlia and Mani NZp.5

Matuku, Steph NZp.4

McCartney, Tania ill. p.30

McGrath, Raymond NZp.4

McKessar, Anna ill. NZp.4

Michael Rosen’s Sticky Mcstickstick p.32

Mikki and Me and the Out-of-Tune Tree p.38

Mrs Koala’s Beauty Parlour p.30

Nash, Daniel ill. NZp.4

Nash, Rebecca NZp.4

Nature’s Wildlife Weapons NZp.7

Naylor-Ballesteros, Chris p.34

Niwa, Tania (photography by) NZp.8

Northwind p.40

O’Donogue, Caroline p.42

Ober, Jules ill. p.39

Ober, Pierre-Jacques p.39

Odgers, Sally p.36

Ogress and the Orphans, The p.42

One Bright Morning p.43

Opai, Keri NZp.8

Other Sister, The NZp.5

Ouch! Tales of Gravity p.24

Our Country: Ancient Wonders p.31

Our Library p.34

Our Violent Ends NZp.6

Paulsen, Gary p.40

Pearl: The Lucky Unicorn p.36

Piano Fingers p.31

Poshoglian, Yvette p.39

Rainbow the Koala p.39

Rat-Catchers Apprentice, The p.40

Rawlins, Donna p.34

Rebel Skies p.43

Reyes, Riz p.28

Riddell, Chris ill. p.39

Riley, David NZp.7

Roberts, Emma p.22

Roberts, Marion p.38

Rosen, Michael p.30, p.32

Ross, Tony ill. p.32

Ryan, James NZp.7

Saxby, Claire p.43

Say Hello? p.31

Scarfe, Wendy p.43

Schwartz-DuPre, Rae Lynn p.26

Shakespeare for Everyone p.22

Simpson, Kate p.24

Slade, Kirsten ill. NZp.4

Smart Cookie, The p.32

Smith, Kim ill. p.26

Soweal-Han, Sally p.32

Standing in My Own Shoes NZp.7

Stanley, Simon NZp.3

Star Bright NZp.6

Star the Elephant p.39

Starling, Robert ill. p.30

Steffensen, Sandra ill. p.31

Steffensen, Victori p.31

Stewart-Sharpe, Leisa p.26

Stothers, Greer ill. p.28

Tama Samoa NZp.5

That’s What Dragons Do NZp.4

This Old Thing p.31

This Woven Kingdom p.43

Thomas, Adele K. ill. p.36

Thornton, Nicki p.38

Those Kids from Fawn Creek p.40

Tikanga: An Introduction to te ao Maori NZp.8

Tiny Wonders p.32

Tosdevin, Frances and Clemence Monnet p.30

Turner, Tracey and Andrew Donkin p.24

Tyenna p.43

Unlimited Futures p.44

Uprising, The: The Mapmakers in Cruxcia NZp.4

VandePloeg, Libby ill. p.24

Walker, Stan NZp.8

Wearing of the Green, The p.43

Webb, Cassandra p.31

Webber, Jennie ill. p.24

Weiss, Sabrina p.28

Welford, Ross p.36

Wells, Gillian p.40

Werry, Philippa NZp.5

What Snail Knows p.38

Whetu Toa and the Hunt for Ramses NZp.4

Wilbur’s Walk NZp.4

Williams, Rhian and Tom Jellett p.22