Books Reviewed in this Issue


Volume 39 No. 2 May 2024

11 Ruby Road: 1900

Abrahams, Emma NZp.6

Adamo, Meredith p.48

Afzal, Zulekha A. p.46

Agnew, Leonie NZp.6

Aho, Huriana Kopeke-Te NZp.8

Andrews, Kimberley ill. NZp.3

Anelli, Liz ill. p.26

Apple Tree, The NZp.5

Apprentice Witnesser, The p.38

Aramakutu, Claire NZp.7

Barkla, Charlotte p.36

Barton, Ashleigh p.34

Beatrice Hill Tinsley: Queen of the Cosmos NZp.7

Beavis, Paul ill. NZp.3

Beavis, Paul ill. NZp.6

Because I’m Maori / He Maori Ahau NZp.4

Beehive, The p.28

Belcher, Angie NZp.4

Better Best Friend, A p.28

Bishop, Gavin NZp.7

Bohemier, Lauriane ill. p.26

Bonet, Xavier p.37

Bradley, Kimberley Brubaker p.38

Brave Kahu and the Porangi Magpie NZp.6

Burne-Field, Shelley NZp.6

Burne, Cristy p.36

Camp, Joaquin p.34

Candler, Gillian NZp.5

Carnavas, Peter p.36

Cave, The p.42

Chan, Eliza p.48

Charlip, Remy ill. p.32

Chugga Tugga Tugboat NZp.5

Coote, Maree p.30

Copley, Vince p.42

Cotter, Sacha NZp.5

Country p.30

Courage Be My Friend: The Vivian Bullwinkel Story p.46

Cummings, Phil and Jennifer Goldsmith p.30

Daley, Megan p.28

Dancers of the Dawn p.46

Davis, Jenny p.46

Davison, Cheryl ill. p.30

Daynes, Katie and Ashe de Sousa p.26

Dazzlehands / Ringakoreko NZp.5

De Roo, Elena NZp.3

Deep is the Fen p.48

DiCamillo, Kate p.40

Dinosaur in My Pocket p.34

Douglas, Blak ill. p.42

Ducky the Spy: Expect the Unexpected p.37

Elisara, Tylissa p.36

Ever Since That Day NZp.6

Eyre, Hira Nathen and Jessie NZp.8

Fablehouse p.38

Fast, Slow, Let’s Go! NZp.4

Fathomfolk p.48

Ferris p.40

Fieden, Blithe ill. p.34

Finney, Dylan ill. p.36

Fitzpatrick, Deb p.36

Fong, Pam p.30

Four Good Liars p.46

Freeman, Pamela p.26

Gale, Emily and Nova Weetman p.37

Gill, Maria NZp.7

Gill, Maria NZp.8

Gleitzman, Morris p.40

Godwin, Jane p.42

Gordon-Smith, Kate NZp.5

Hamilton, Max ill. p.28 and p.32

Happy All Over p.32

Harricks, Tannya ill. p.34

Harvey, Jacqueline p.30

Hatch and Match NZp.4

Heazlewood, Sue NZp.7

Hemi-Morehouse, Nicolla NZp.4

Hemi-Morehouse, Story ill. NZp.4

Here is Hare NZp.3

Hidden Hat, The p.30

Hoosan, Dajuan, Margaret Anderson and Carol Turner p.42

How to Say No to Your Phone p.26

Hughes, Alistair ill. NZp.7

Hunter, Troy p.48

I’ll Be Waiting for You p.40

In My Blood it Runs p.42

Independent Pea, The p.30

Inside Story: Creative Writing for Students p.26

Into the Blue p.36

Ivancic, Marco ill. NZp.8

Juluwarlu Group p.37

Kelleher, Victor p.42

Kelly, Kristin and Amelina Jones p.28

Kelpie Chaos p.36

Kevin the Sheep p.30

Koro’s Star NZp.7

Lawson, Sue and Jodi Toering p.26

Lees, Jordan p.38

Leo and Ralph p.36

Lily Halfmoon: The Magic Gems p.37

Littlest Penguin and the Phillip Island Penguin Parade, The p.44

Look Me in the Eye p.42

Lovelock, Brian ill. NZp.4

MacDibble, Bren p.38

Maddison McQueen and the Cupcake Mystery NZp.5

Mankiewicz, Alex ill. p.37

Marshall, Brad and Lindsay Hassock p.26

McCormick, Cricket ill. NZp.5

McLean, Andrew ill. p.34

McMullin, Neridah p.34

Meatheringham, Catherine p.32

Mia and Leo Go Wild NZp.5

Mitchell Itches: An Eczema Story p.28

Moe, Steven NZp.5

Morgan, Josh ill. NZp.5

Most Tragickal Tale of Elderberg Spillikins, The p.34

Mouldey, Gavin ill. NZp.5

Muir, Aunty Fay and Sue Lawson p.30

My Very Own Special Particular Private and Personal Cat p.32

New Zealand’s Endangered Dolphins NZp.8

Newman, Rebecca K. and Sally Murphy p.38

Night War, The p.38

Night Watch p.34

Norry, E.L. p.38

Not Like Other Girls p.48

Our Home p.32

Outlaw Girls p.37

Pancakes for Plum p.32

Patu: The New Zealand Wars NZp.7

Paul, Ruth NZp.4

Penny Draws a Secret Adventure p.42

Piki Te Ora / Your Wellbeing Journal NZp.8

Pipi Dance / Te Pikari Pipi NZp.4

Quay, Emma p.32

Racklyeft, Jess ill. p.32

Right Way Down and Other Poems p.38

Ring Ting Tui! NZp.3

Robaard, Jedda and the Penguin Foundation p.44

Robbery, The p.34

Rover’s Story, A p.37

Rushby, Pamela p.46

Saxby, Claire p.32

Scott, Kate Isobel ill. p.30

Sean E. Avery p.37

Seed to Sky p.26

Shallcrass, Laura NZp.3

Shepard, Sara p.42

Smith, Jane ill. NZp.7

Stewart, Briony ill. p.38

Stitch p.44
Kenny, Padraig p.44

Sutton, Sally NZp.4 and NZp.5

Svendsen, Mark p.34

Tails of Tangleby Gardens 2 NZp.7

Take Me to Your Leader NZp.6

Tallec, Olivier p.28

Tan, Rae p.32

Tayleur, Karen and Guy Holt p.28

Te Rapu Kura / Treasure Hunt NZp.3

Tearaway Coach p.34

Those Girls p.46

Toering, Jodi p.34

Tree p.32

Trinchant, Marie (Translated by) p.37

Turk, Mariko p.40

Tweet p.40

Uivel, Lily ill. NZp.4

Usborne Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers About Refugees p.26

Varga, Jasmine p.37

Warburg, Sandol Stoddard p.32

When the Fog Rolls In p.30

When the World was Soft: Yindjibarndi Creation Stories p.37

Whisperwicks, The: The Labyrinth of Lost and Found p.38

Wilkins, Sarah ill. NZp.5

Wilkinson, Lili p.48

Wilson, Norah NZp.3

Wishart, Sarah p.46

Wonder of Little Things (Young Readers Edition) p.42

Worm Book, The p.28

Wurrtoo: The Wombat Who Fell in Love with the Sky p.36