Books Reviewed in this Issue

Volume 36 No. 4 September 2021



100 Remarkable Feats of Xander Maze p.44

200 Minutes of Mystery p.42

Adventures of Mittens, The NZp.5

Agnew, Leonie NZp.6

Ahmed, Safdar p.45

Aho-White, Isobel Joy Te ill. NZp.5

Am Emotion of Great Delight p.43

And… p.31

Applebaum, Kirsty p.38

Atua: Maori Gods and Heroes NZp.8

Aviva p.44

Baby’s First Train Robbery p.32

Bajpai, Nandini p.45

Batkiwi NZp.5

Bavati, Robyn p.44

Bella and the Voyaging House p.39

Bevington, Nancy ill. p.37

Binks, Danielle p.43

Bishop, Gavin NZp.8

Black Sand Beach NZp.6

Blackout p.42

Blake, Quentin ill. p.37

Book of Australian Trees, The p.36

Boy Who Stepped Through Time, The p.38

Brocker, Susan NZp.5

Brown, Eli p.38

Bruinsma, Silvio NZp.5

Bunting, Philip p.28

Callender, Kacen p.44

Cameron, Aunty Patsy and Lisa Kennedy p.33

Cat and the Rat and the Hat, The p.37

Ciddor, Anna p.38

Clark, Sherryl p.41

Clayton, Dhonielle et al p.42

Cockroft, Jason p.39

Coelho, Joseph p.36

Colpoys, Allison ill. p.36

Comber, Clayton Zane p.44

Common Wealth p.28

Dahl, Roald p.37

Displaced NZp.7

Driese, Gregg p.28

Durand, Aurelia ill. p.41

Earth’s Aquarium p.30

Ella Farmoodle p.37

Exit Through the Giftshop p.40

Fairclough, Ward David, Chris Ferrie and Byrne Laginestra p.31

Fairgray, Richard NZp.6

Fawcett, Heather p.39

Feehan, Brigid NZp.6

Felix Ever After p.44

Findlay, Carly (editor) p.30

Fletcher, Helen Vivienne NZp.6

Florence and Fox p.37

Foot, Mandy p.36

Fountain, Ele p.41

Freaky, Funky Fish p.28

French, Dr Jess p.30

Freston, Tom de ill. p.39

Garmonsway, Ian and Alana ill. NZp.6

Gifford, Lucinda ill. p.33

Goal!!! p.33

Grochowicz, Joanna p.30

Growing Up Disabled in Australia p.30

Hargrave, Kiran Milwood p.39

Heath, Jack p.42

Hicks, Astren ill. p.40

Hislop, Victoria p.41

Hosking, Jackie p.34

How to Be a Vet and Other Animal Jobs p.30

How to Be Me p.40

Howe, Cath p.40

Hubbard, Ben p.31

Hunt, Matt ill. p.37

I Am Angry p.31

I Really Want a Pet p.34

I Wonder p.37

In Our Own Backyard NZp.7

Inspiring True Stories of Survival p.31

It’s Not You, It’s Me p.45

Jalbert, Phillipe p.31

Julia and the Shark p.39

Just One Bee p.34

Kaufman, Alexander and Mariana Rodrigues p.30

Kayes, Anne NZp.7

Kei Te Aha Nga Kararehe? NZp.5

Kirby-McLeod, Elizabeth NZp.8

Lamond, Margrete and Anthony Bertini p.34

Lawrinson, Julia p.40

Leilong the Library Bus p.32

Leonard, M.G. p.38

Life and Time of Lonny Quicke, The p.38

Life and Times of Eddie McGrath, The NZp.6

Lim, Elizabeth p.42

Linero, Sol ill. p.30

Lit Stories from Home NZp.8

Liu, Julia and Bei Lynn p.32

Long, Emma ill. p.34

Louise, Zanni p.37

Love, Damien p.41

Lucas, Diane and Ben Tyler p.34

Lucy and Cooper p.36

Lynas, Em p.37

Made for Each Other p.28

Mafi, Tahereh p.43

Maria’s Island p.41

Master, Maryam p.40

McG, Shane ill. p.34

McGrath, Raymond ill. NZp.5

McInerney, Amelia p.36

McInerney, Joanna p.28

McKinlay, Meg p.39

Mel and Shell p.40

Melling, David p.32

Melt p.41

Memory Thief, The NZp.6

Michaela Mason’s Big List of 23 22 Worries

Mina and the Whole Wide World p.41

Monster of Her Age, The p.43

Morris, Phoebe ill. NZp.5

Moses, Alexa p.38

Mrs Chippy the Cat NZp.5

My Beautiful Voice p.36

Never Grow Up p.37

Nickel, Adam ill. p.36

Nielsen, Christopher ill. p.34

Noble, Jill p.37

Nunn, Malla p.45

Oddity p.38

Paterson, Allison p.37

Paterson, Andrew p.42

Pignataro, Anna ill. p.37

Piwhairangi, Te Ataakura NZp.5

Powell, Claire ill. p.28

Pranklab p.31

Pryor, Boori Monty p.34

Rachel’s War p.32

Rainfish p.42

Rogerson, Alicia ill. p.36

Rosen, Michael p.31

Ruffles and the Teeny Tiny Kittens p.32

Rynhart, Kieran ill. NZp.6

Sanders, Cristina NZp.7

School Between Winter and Fairyland, The p.39

Sea Country p.33

Self/Less p.44

Shackleton’s Endurance p.30

Shadow Arts, The p.41

Shumaker, Debra Kempf p.28

Simpson, Inga p.36

Sinclair, Rita ill. p.34

Sister of the Bollywood Bride p.45

Six Crimson Cranes p.42

Smith, Gill ill. p.41

Starling, Robert ill. p.31

Still Alive p.45

Story Doctors p.34

Story of Australia for the Young (and the Curious), The p.30

Sugar Town Queens p.45

Szymanik, Melinda NZp.5

Taylor, Georgina ill. p.28

The Gentle Genius of Trees p.28

There’s No Such Thing as Humans NZp.6

This Book is Feminist p.41

Twitch p.38

Vishwanathan, Vigesha p.40

Walking in Gagudju Country p.34

Wang, Helen (translated by) p.32

Watson, Don p.30

We Were Wolves p.39

Weekend with Oscar, A p.44

Whalley, Jim and Stephen Collins p.32

What are the Animals Doing? NZp.5

Who Fed Zed? p.36

Williams, Gabrielle p.45

Williams, Lydia p.33

Wilson, Jamia p.41

Wilson, Mark p.32

World Beneath the Fine Print and Other Stories, The p.40